There's never a better time to go window shopping.

Images via Ashley Conor @yourvitals

Images via Ashley Conor @yourvitals

Sales are wrapping up this week, and you know what that means: Christmas Windows. Debatably our the most creative type of holiday decoration and definitely our favourite. This week we paid a visit to a few of our retailers regional stores, to see what how they were celebrating the season.  

Jigsaw Farnham Christmas Windowjpg

Our first stop was Jigsaw, in the southern town of Farnham. Their store blends seamlessly into the quaint town, and their window gives off an understated elegance. We loved the classic Christmas lighting against the heavy hues on the mannequins and watched it draw people to the space.

All is Bright Jigsaw Campaign

The windows themselves showcase Jigsaw's All is Bright campaign, with confetti littering the base of the window. We personally fell in love with the Shona Scarf  in the window the second we saw it, and immediately started putting outfits together in our head. 

Phase Eight Farnham .jpg

After spending several hours trying on everything we loved at Jigsaw, we walked out and saw Phase Eight right across the street, with their 50% off Sale still in full swing. 

Phase Eight's windows were full of sequins and lamour, giving us all sorts of ideas for our Christmas party dresses. You can shop their party selection here, and I suggest you do. 

Dorothy Perkins Farnham

Our last stop was Dorothy Perkins who also had also had their sale on, and oh boy, is it a sale. We loved that Dorothy Perkins made the clothing the hero of their window, keeping the decorations simple and understated. We also picked up the ideal Christmas dress, say hello to the Paper Dolls Bardot Bodycon Dress. We're in love. 

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