3 ways to do summer workwear

What exactly is ok to wear to the office in summer? We've got 3 looks that will work for those of you that need a look that's the perfect hybrid between smart and casual - note to self: this won't work if you're a lawyer, unless you want to get fired.


A white shirt is always a sure fire way to smarten up a look so when paired with dark indigo denim and a khaki field jacket courtesy of John Lewis, the look remains smart and not sloppy. As an alternative to desert boots try crisp white plimsolls in the summer, as well as rolling the sleeves up to switch the look up.

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tucked and ready to go

There's the age old debate of whether you should tuck a shirt in or not but a lot of people forget to assess if the shirt was actually made to tuck in - more casual styles are usually shorter so you're not tripping over your shirt with you're at a festival and smarter styles are cut slightly longer so you can actually stretch further than your pocked without becoming an instant mess. The tailored chinos and tucked in shirt for this look complement the formal style whilst the sneakers keep everything looking youthful.

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If you're not much of a Hawaiian shirt man in the summer (not that you should be to the office) then just dip a toe outside your comfort zone with shades of grey and black. Rolled up chinos and modern black leather sneakers will make you look professional but stylish.

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