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How to wear yellow this summer?

Sherbet, mustard or lemon? No, we haven't discovered  a new food craze, although we are talking palettes. Yellow is having a moment and it seems every tone of this happy colour is being covered in the hottest summer fashion trends. And we're not complaining, from pretty pastels to deep earthy tones, adding a pop of yellow to your outfit is guaranteed to lift your mood. Plus, it complements a tan beautifully, making it a must-have shade to include in your holiday wardrobe.

To help you mellow to the yellow, we've put together the Instagram pics of our favourite fashion influencers working this trending colour.


Olivia Purvis @livpurvis from What Olivia Did

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Sophie Milner @sophiemilner_fs from Fashion Slave

Lucy Williams @lucywilliam_02 from Fashion Me Now

These glasses make everything look like lucozade 🙃

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Antonia O'brien @antoniaobrien at antoniaobrien.com

Anna Vitiello @annarvitiello at and finally

Yovanna Ventura @yoventura

She acting boujee || #revolvearoundtheworld @revolve wearing @fwrd

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Elizabeth Jeapes