Statement Jewellery

Forget the minimalist, this season is all about statement jewellery. Show off bold bright colours and extravagant shapes - from oversized tassel earrings to a simple silver bangle. We have listed below a selection of bracelets, earrings and necklaces that emphasise the statement jewellery trend beautifully.

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Statement earrings are a must this summer with many retailers showcasing out of the ordinary shapes - including Coach's dinosaur themed earrings and Ernest Jones'  lightening theme. You will be sure to set a statement with a pair of these earrings.


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Necklaces are definitely useful to make any outfit interesting and stylish. Choose a statement necklace from the likes of Jigsaw or Phase Eight to make your outfit stand out this summer.


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Complete your statement jewellery aesthetic with a bracelet that is bold and colourful like the Kate Spade's statement bracelet pictured. Not wanting to wear colourful jewellery? Choose from the likes of John Lewis, Amanda Wakeley or Zalando and still be sure to look the part.


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