How to: Pack for a weekend away

Packing for a weekend away is always tricky - what will the weather be like? What will we be doing when we get there? How many times a day will I need to change? Luckily we have everything you need to pack a successful suitcase so that you'll look chic all weekend.

invest in chic luggage

The first thing you need to do is get some quality luggage. A cabin sized suitcase like this one from Reiss (pictured right) will make you look as if you hop from flight to flight and everything completely figured out, even if that couldn't be further from the truth.

Pack transitional pieces

When putting outfits together, look for trousers and shorts that can be worn from day to night and shirts of t-shirts that are smart enough that you won't have to change. 

Think about footwear

If you elevate your daytime footwear to something a tad smarter you can usually get away with wearing it day to night. These leather trainers from Moss Bros are a prime example.

accessorise smartly

A baseball cap and sunnies will make your look more daytime appropriate but whip them off in the evening and throw on a smart belt and watch to keep things looking chic.

Shop key pieces

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